Registered Nurse
Job Description

Registered nurse job description example.

Typical nursing duties vary according to the area of specialization. This job description clearly lists the general tasks and responsibilities involved in the general overall nursing care of patients.

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Select the relevant duties and job requirements to develop a job description for your specific nursing job.


General Purpose

Assess, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care plans to facilitate optimal patient care.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • observe and assess patients
  • effect comprehensive nursing care plans for patients
  • administer treatments and medications
  • monitor and report symptoms and changes in patient status
  • collaborate with medical team on patient status
  • maintain complete and accurate patient records
  • prepare patients and assist with patient examinations and therapies
  • assist with diagnostic tests and interpret results
  • modify treatment plans where indicated
  • advise patients on health maintenance and preventative medicine
  • provide educational, emotional and psychological support to patients and family members
  • maintain a safe and clean working environment in compliance with healthcare procedures and regulations
  • adhere to infection-control protocols
  • follow medication administration and storage procedures and regulations
  • monitor and co-ordinate maintenance of equipment operation and inventory
  • check and maintain nursing supplies inventory
  • educate and instruct patients on home care needs

Registered Nurse Education, Qualifications and Experience

  • associate degree, bachelor degree or diploma from an approved nursing program
  • current licensure by the relevant state nursing board
  • certifications as required such as BLS, CPR and ACLS
  • relevant experience

Key Nursing Skills and Competencies

  • teamwork
  • communication skills
  • planning and organizing
  • attention to detail
  • adaptability
  • problem-solving skills
  • judgment and decision-making
  • stress tolerance

Use this RN job description as a basis for formulating your own specific nursing job description.

Use this nurse job description to write your resume and cover letter

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Include a professional nursing cover letter with your job application.


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Nursing job interviews

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Adapt this job description to clarify the registered nurse requirements for the specific job.

Consider the working conditions when writing your nurse job description

Registered nurses work in different healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, private physician clinics and care centers. The working conditions should be well defined in the job description including:

  • the working hours including shifts and weekend and holiday work
  • the physical demands of the job 
  • the emotional demands of the job

Registered Nurse Job Description Template

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