Top 10 Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Cashier interview questions and answers that demonstrate the candidate's skills and experience, competencies and motivation for the job.

Illustration of checkout counter of a grocery supermarket. Customers in line.The cashier rings up products for buyers.

Essentially employers want to hire cashiers who:

  • handle transactions accurately and efficiently
  • are service-oriented and good with dealing with customers
  • are trustworthy, dependable and reliable

Expect cashier interview questions that explore these key job criteria.

Typical cashier interview questions and answers

1. How do you stay focused on your work to ensure high levels of accuracy and speed.

A cashier job demands continual focus and attention to detail throughout the day in order to prevent mistakes and maintain efficiency.

In your interview answer focus on:

  • giving each customer your full attention
  • shutting out any distractions
  • focusing on the details
  • following established processes and procedures

Sample cashier interview answer:

"I make the effort to positively engage with each customer. This ensures they have my full attention and I am not distracted. I focus completely on the task at hand and check myself as a I work. This way I am able to provide good service while preventing errors."

2. What does good customer service mean to you?

This is an important cashier interview question because it demonstrates both your understanding of  customer service and your level of expectation when it comes to providing customer service. It is important that your standards of service match those of your potential employer. 

Sample cashier interview answer:

"As a cashier, good customer service involves dealing with each customer in a polite, respectful and efficient manner. It means paying close attention to the customer and the transaction and to demonstrate, through both verbal communication and body language, that the customer is important to you. It also means having sufficient knowledge of products and pricing to provide any information the customer may want."

What is good customer service?

3. How do you deal with customers that are upset or demanding?

Customer-related cashier interview questions and answers that show your ability to handle difficult customers.

A successful interview answer to this question should demonstrate how:

  • you maintain respect for the customer
  • remain calm and composed
  • listen carefully and strive for a solution

“As a cashier one encounters many demanding customers. It is key to listen carefully and ask the right questions to understand why the customer is upset.  I acknowledge their distress, apologize that they feel that way and in a calm voice I try to resolve the issue by addressing the customer's grievance."

4. A cashier job can be stressful, how do you deal with stress at work?

Being a cashier can be stressful at times,  particularly when it gets very busy or having to deal with demanding customers. The ability to remain calm and efficient is a key quality for cashiers.

The best way to deal with stress in a cashier position is to focus on those things you can control. For example:

  • you can control your reaction to a customer's mood by showing patience and tolerance 
  • you can be better equipped to deal with customer queries, disputes and demands by familiarizing yourself with products, pricing and specials
  • you can establish a good working relationship with your colleagues and supervisor so that they are willing to help you when necessary
  • you can prepare well for each shift by checking you have enough of what you need before your shift such as bags, receipt tape and change. Good organization is always an antidote to stress in the workplace.

5. Cashiers have to be trustworthy, what does integrity mean to you?

Honesty and integrity are essential for a cashier position. In your interview answer to cashier interview questions about trustworthiness focus on how:

  • you adhere to company policies and procedures
  • you take pride in behaving in a professional manner
  • you take accountability for your job
  • it is important to you to uphold the company values

Integrity also means having the confidence to take the right action if a colleague is violating the trust placed in an employee. Highlight your commitment to protecting the assets and reputation of your employer.

6. A cashier job can be repetitive, how do you stay motivated?

Employers want to know that you will not become bored and disinterested, resulting in poor job performance. There are a number of aspects of the cashier role that can keep you motivated including:

  • positive communication and interaction with different customers
  • the satisfaction you get from concluding transactions accurately and speedily
  • receiving encouraging feedback from customers, colleagues and supervisors
  • feeling a sense of accomplishment when you successfully handle a problem

7. What are your strengths as a cashier?

Cashier interview questions and answers that evaluate your suitability for the role require some reflection before the interview.  It is critical to align your strengths with the key demands of the specific cashier job opportunity. The qualities that most employers look for in a cashier include:

  • effective customer-service skills
  • good communication skills
  • efficiency
  • accuracy and attention to detail
  • numeracy skills
  • tolerance and resilience

Find out more about answering What are your strengths?

8. What makes you suitable for this particular cashier job?

In preparing for this interview question you should carefully review the job posting to ensure you make your answer as relevant as possible. In your cashier interview answer:

  • focus on your relevant experience and training
  • identify similar responsibilities and tasks that match the job you are interviewing for
  • highlight how your skills match the job requirements
  • emphasize your strengths as a cashier  and how you can add value to the job and company.
  • if you have little or not experience as  a cashier discuss transferable skills you have gained in your previous jobs

9. What do you know about our company and products?

Before your cashier job interview research the company you’re applying to.  Doing your homework and familiarizing yourself with the company and its products before the interview demonstrates your enthusiasm for the job opportunity.  

10. What is your availability ?

Cashiers often work shifts and your flexibility will be assessed during the interview. Clearly explain when you can work and when you cannot, due to other obligations such as school and family commitments. Be honest but at the same time you should indicate when you are able to accommodate different schedules.

Cashier job interview outfit  for women

Dress professionally for your cashier interview even if you will wear a uniform for the job itself. Your cashier job interview outfit should fall into the category of smart-casual interview outfits.

Image of woman in black pants, pink blazer and white shirt

Your cashier job interview outfit should be neat and tidy and project a professional but approachable image.  Tips for the right cashier job interview outfit include:

  • avoid flashy or revealing clothes
  • select clothes that fit properly and are not too tight
  • avoid wearing  too high heels as these would be impractical in a cashier position
  • avoid over-the-top accessories that distract the interviewer
  • wear your hair in a neat style that is out of your face

There are a number of options to wear to your cashier interview including a smart blouse with tailored pants or a simple skirt or dress that is not too short. 

3 images of women in different smart casual outfits

Cashier job interview outfit  for men

You cashier job interview outfit should be neat and tidy,  professional but not too formal. Smart-casual clothing is the right sort of men's outfit for the cashier interview.

Advice for men's interview clothing for a cashier position includes:

  • your clothes should not be baggy or ill-fitting which conveys a sloppy image
  • a tie is usually not necessary but a collared shirt is, either a buttoned shirt or sports shirt depending on the company culture
  • avoid jeans, rather wear a pair of neat slacks or chinos
  • avoid clothes that are too trendy, the safe option is a classic casual look
5 images of the same man in different smart casual outfits

Cashier job interview tips

  • Do your homework before the interview and review the job posting to ensure you are familiar with the cashier job tasks and requirements.
  • Search the company website and LinkedIn before your interview to familiarize yourself with the company
  • Be aware of both your verbal communication and body language during the interview, these are top skills for a good cashier
  • Prepare a list of good questions to ask the interviewer
  • Follow up after the interview with a professional interview thank you email

Be ready for common job interview questions

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