Job Interview Clothing- smart casual interview outfits

The right job interview clothing depends on the dress code and image of the company as well as the type of job you are interviewing for.

If you are going for a job interview in a less formal environment or for a junior position here are some good smart casual interview attire suggestions. These are good alternatives to a business suit and will project the right image in a more casual workplace.

Smart Casual Interview Outfits for Women

Here are some appropriate smart casual job interview clothing options.

This outfit is suitable for a job interview in a more casual environment. The candidate is neatly dressed, simply accessorized and her hair is tidy and out of her face. A cardigan or blazer can be added if your interview is during the colder months.

An informal interview outfit for a junior-type position. A simple summer dress like this blue and white dress can be made to look more formal if necessary by adding a white or blue blazer.

A blazer is a valuable asset to any working wardrobe. It instantly smartens up an outfit and is very versatile. You can find a blazer without breaking the bank using these budget job interview clothing resources

Adding a plain, well-tailored black dress to your wardrobe is a clever option. It can be used for all work environments including smart casual.

Options for winter include a pair of well-tailored pants or slacks with a long-sleeve blouse. Adding a blazer will always smarten an outfit up.

The basic smart casual interview outfit for women

Stick to a simple white collared shirt and black pants paired with a blazer to create the right look for most smart casual work environments.

The addition of a tasteful pair of black heels will complete the look.

Top ideas for smart casual job interview clothing

Make use of the following to ensure you have nailed the smart casual look:

  • a pair of well fitting pants or slacks
  • a knee length skirt or dress
  • a blazer or jacket
  • a solid color blouse or button up shirt
  • understated accessories

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