Job Interview Dress Code
for Different Jobs

Getting the job interview dress code right is key to making a good impression in your interview.

A well known job site asked over 2,700 hiring managers about mistakes that candidates make in job interviews. The most common mistake was dressing inappropriately.

Hiring managers complained that candidates did not dress in a professional manner. With this in mind it is advisable to wear clothing that is generally considered as professionally acceptable for the job you are interviewing for.

Use this guide to what to wear to your next job interview to get it right.

Standard Job Interview Dress Code for Women

Interview attire for women
  • For women the standard for professional work wear is a business suit, a jacket and smart pants or a dress and jacket.
  • The number one mistake made by female candidates in job interviews is looking too sexy. Cleavages, too-short and too-tight skirts, tight tops, visible bras and heels that are too high were all mentioned as job interview dress code mistakes.

Interview Clothes for Women

Standard Interview Dress Code for Men

  • For men the standard is still a classic business suit, a neutral colored dress shirt and a conservative tie.
  • Interview dress mistakes include wearing comedy ties, badly ironed shirts and not shaving.
  • Job seekers were also penalized for wearing bright and trendy colors with 70% of employers saying they do not consider high fashion to be appropriate for a job interview. Over 80 percent of employers said that wearing a suit to the job interview creates the impression of an organized and efficient candidate.

Interview Dress for Men

The right job interview dress code varies according to the type of job and organization you are interviewing for. Lets look at some different job types and what would be considered appropriate interview attire.

Job Interview Dress Code for Sales Jobs

  • The preference is for male candidates to wear a suit and tie. However for a junior or entry level sales position hiring managers will accept smart pants and a jacket.
  • When choosing a color to wear consider the following. Dark blue projects an image of being calm and in control, of dependability and loyalty (note how many uniforms are blue). Gray sends the message of wisdom, dignity and practicality.
  • Brown is associated with friendliness and wholesomeness - a connection with the earth. Black is seen as representing authority and power. Black can sometimes look sombre and be overwhelming so lighten the overall look with an appropriate light colored shirt.

Smart casual interview clothes for men

  • For women a skirted suit or pantsuit or tailored dresses are considered appropriate. Blouses made of transparent fabric are considered unsuitable. Choose a good quality cotton, silk or micro-fibre fabric. Co-ordinate the color of your blouse with your blazer or suit.
  • If you are going for a retail sales interview try to dress according to the style of the retail organization. Always keep it professional. The rule of thumb is to dress more formally for the interview than you would for the actual job. Opt for more conservative colors and designs. The addition of a blazer is an excellent way to smarten up an interview outfit.

Smart Casual Interview Dress for Women

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Interview Dress Code Tips for Management, Accounting and Finance

  • A classic dark suit and low key tie is required for men while business suits and dresses and jackets remain the standard for female candidates.
  • Women should wear shoes with conservative heels and hosiery at or near skin color. Shoes that are darker or the same color as the skirt make a candidate appear solid and grounded, shoes that are lighter than an outfit can make a candidate look insubstantial.
  • Men should opt for dark, polished conservative shoes with dark socks. White shirts are always a good option. White sends the message of precision and decency.

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Interview Dress Code for Teaching Jobs

  • An elementary or primary school teacher should appear both approachable and professional.
  • Each district may have different interview dress expectations but a safe bet for female candidates would be to wear a blouse paired with smart pants or skirt and a blazer rather than a formal business suit.
  • A business suit is more appropriate for a secondary or middle school teaching interview. Dress codes are more stringent at this level.

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Dress Code for Factory and Trade Jobs

Depending on the level of the job, appropriate job interview dress code for an interview in the trades can fall into the business casual category. To find out what business casual interview attire means go to casual interview clothes

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