Resignation Letter for
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How to write a resignation letter for personal reasons. Professional sample resignation letters and resignation email due to personal reasons will help you write your own appropriate resignation.

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Your resignation letter serves as your formal written notice to your employer and should include some basic information, regardless of your reason for leaving:

  • a clear statement of intent to resign
  • your last day of employment with the company that complies with the required noticed period
  • your signature in full and the date of the letter

In order to exit gracefully from the company,  your letter of resignation should include an expression of gratitude to the employer and an offer of assistance during the handover period.

Do I have to provide a reason for leaving in my resignation letter?

You are not required to provide a reason for leaving, however it is usually expected that an employee in good standing will briefly articulate why they are leaving and resign in a courteous and professional manner. Leaving on a positive note will ensure that the employer may be relied on to provide any future references you may need.

When you are leaving your job due to personal reasons it can be difficult to decide how much you want to share with your employer. It is acceptable to merely state that you are "leaving for personal reasons" in your resignation letter without giving any further details. If you decide to provide any further explanation for your resignation, keep it concise, you don't have to go into details. One or two sentences is sufficient.

Every situation is different and ultimately how vague or specific you choose to be in your resignation letter for personal reasons is up to you.

What are typical examples of resignation due to personal reasons

Personal reasons can include a number of factors such as:

  • staying home to take care of a family member such as an elderly or sick parent
  • staying home to take care of your children
  • taking a break for health reasons
  • a family problem or situation that requires more of your time

Resignation letter for personal reasons

Your name
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Your city, state and ZIP code
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Full Date

Employer's name and title
Company name
Company address, city, state ZIP code


It is with sadness that I am writing to inform you of my formal resignation from my position as (Your Job Title) at (Company Name). My last working day will be (Date) which includes my official two week notice period. I am sorry to be leaving but personal reasons necessitate my resignation.

I regret any inconvenience that my departure may cause to both yourself and the company and I will do my very best to help ensure a smooth transition as I move on.

I am most grateful for all the opportunities I have been given and the valuable experience I have gained while working at (Company Name). I am also deeply appreciative of the guidance and support you personally have given me.

I wish you and the company every success and thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Your signature

Your typed name

What to say if you wish to explain "personal reasons" further

Should you wish to elaborate on your personal reasons for resigning you can include a simple and brief explanation such as:

  • It has become clear that I need to spend more time taking care of my parents
  • It has become necessary to spend more time with my children
  • I need to focus on improving my home situation
  • My current health situation precludes me from been able to continue in my position
  • I need to attend to a family situation

Resignation due to personal reasons email example

When sending a resignation email for personal reasons ensure you include your full name and the reason (resignation) for your email  in the subject line.


Subject Line: Resignation - Your Full Name

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms (last name) or use their first name depending on your working relationship with the individual

This email serves as my formal resignation from my position as (your job title) at (company name), effective (date). My last working day will be (date) in compliance with my notice period.

I am very sorry to be leaving the company but my resignation is necessitated by personal reasons beyond my control. I regret any inconvenience my leaving may cause and I will do my utmost to ensure a smooth handover.

I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given, and all that I have learned while working at (company name). I will miss working with you and the team and hope that we will be able to stay in touch.

I wish you and the company every success and thank you for your understanding.


Your Name and contact details

Basic resignation email for personal reasons

Illustration of an email with text included and headed "resignation email for personal reasons"

Top tips for your resignation letter for personal reasons

  • be clear that your resignation is due to personal reasons and not because of any issues or dissatisfaction you have with the company, management or job
  • express your gratitude for the valuable experience you have gained and keep it positive
  • carefully proofread your resignation letter, mistakes will make you appear uncaring and unprofessional
  • personally deliver your resignation letter or follow up to ensure that your resignation email has been received

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How to resign properly

Go through our resignation checklist to ensure you have everything sorted before you exit the company.

Don't forget to take the time to send your co workers a leaving a job farewell message before you go.

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