Recruiter Job Description

Adapt this recruiter job description for your own use. The recruiting function will vary from company to company but the essential responsibilities remain constant.

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Recruiters are often specialized in certain areas such as technical job recruiters, executive recruitment and nursing recruiting. This description for general human resource recruiting covers all the key duties and requirements for recruiters jobs.

Recruiter Job Description

General Purpose

Develop recruiting strategies in support of organizational staffing objectives. Execute recruiting strategies to deliver suitable job candidates for assigned positions.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • ascertain recruitment requirements by evaluating organizational development plans
  • confer with management to identify recruiting needs
  • develop effective recruiting plans and strategies
  • assess assigned positions to develop job descriptions and job candidate profiles
  • review and clarify job specifications, competencies and skills required
  • align job candidate profiles with staffing objectives
  • source applicants through various methods including advertising, recruiters, job sites, career fairs, online platforms
  • maintain effective relationships with social and professional networks to source qualified candidates
  • organize and execute college recruitment programs
  • pre-screen job candidates
  • review resumes and qualifications to determine suitability of candidates
  • schedule and coordinate interviews cooperatively with hiring managers 
  • inform candidates fully about the job and company
  • brief and debrief candidates before and after interviews
  • verify references
  • conduct background checks
  • facilitate pre-employment testing
  • manage all communication with candidates
  • provide regular updates and feedback to managers
  • manage applicant tracking system
  • maintain accurate and current applicant data base
  • extend offers of employment within company procedures
  • manage the job offer including negotiation and administration
  • draft rejection letters
  • organize new employee orientation
  • maintain recruiting metrics (cost per hire etc)
  • keep current with sourcing strategies and industry trends
  • ensure regulatory aspects of the full cycle recruitment process is compliant with federal and state legislation

Education and Experience

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent
  • recruiting experience
  • knowledge of general principles of recruiting
  • knowledge of staffing systems and tools
  • experience in managing applicant data bases
  • experience of applicant tracking systems
  • experience in candidate sourcing solutions
  • knowledge of applicable computer applications and software
  • knowledge of relevant employment legislation
  • knowledge of relevant social media platforms

Key Skills and Competencies

  • planning and organizing
  • communication
  • problem analysis and problem solving
  • judgment
  • decision-making
  • adaptability
  • teamwork
  • negotiation skills
  • confidentiality 

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What are the skills of a good recruiter?

These key qualities have been identified as essential for good job performance as a recruiter.

  • Communication skills including the ability to listen proactively, ask the right questions and clarify the needs of the client and candidate
  • planning and organizational skills including the ability to prioritize and manage different tasks and concurrent projects efficiently
  • judgment and decision-making including the ability to identify and commit to the right course of action
  • adaptability including the ability to work effectively with diverse people and projects

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Latest Update - Recruiter Salary shows the average salary for recruiter jobs in the US as approximately $51,119 per year as of March 2023.

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