Best Font for Cover Letter

The best font for cover letter purposes is one that is clear and easy to read. Hiring managers will quickly pass over a cover letter that isn't instantly legible. Keep your cover letter font professional, simple and consistent with your resume font.

An important consideration is the fact that your cover letter may be viewed on a desktop, laptop or mobile device so stick to a universal font that renders well on all screens.

5 Best Font for Cover Letter Styles

Hiring managers and recruiters largely agree on these being the 5 best font for cover letter styles.

1. Arial

Helvetica is a modern favorite that works well for all cover letters. It only comes preloaded on Apple computers so Arial is an excellent alternative if you don't have a Mac.

Arial is the standard font for Google Docs and Microsoft Word, meaning that it will display accurately on all computers. It renders well on all screen sizes and its crisp lines make it clear and simple to read.

It is sometimes considered too familiar and bland for jobs in creative and trendy companies and a more contemporary font may be better suited for these type of cover letters

2. Times New Roman

Times New Roman is a popular and traditional font that presents as classic and professional. It is a good cover letter font to use when you want to convey a serious and formal approach. An appropriate choice for jobs in traditional and conservative industries.

3. Trebuchet MS

A less used, modern and clean cover letter font with an energetic feel. Very easy to read and renders well on all screen sizes, particularly smaller devices.

Its thicker lines and wider body makes it useful when you are trying to fill up space such as for entry level cover letters. A good choice for jobs in marketing, media, publishing and start-ups.

4. Calibri

This font has taken the place of Times New Roman as the MS Office default font so it is familiar and easy to access on all devices. Its tighter layout is useful when you have to fit a large amount of text on one page for your cover letter.

A modern and clean font that has been described as warm and gentle by its designer, this cover letter font works well for jobs in nursing, social work, teaching and care-related professions

5. Georgia

A classic font with a contemporary feel that was designed specifically for easy reading on computer and mobile screens.

An ideal font for a professional cover letter look with elements of elegance and trendiness.

All of these 5 cover letter fonts are legible, clean-looking,  professional and render accurately on most devices. They are unlikely to cause problems with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and will ensure your cover letter can be easily read.  They are suitable for both on-screen and print versions of your cover letter.

What is the best font for cover letter style?

Top tips for best font for cover letter

  • stick to one font style and size throughout your cover letter
  • your cover letter and resume font should be the same style and size to present a consistent and professional look
  • italics, bold and highlighting should be used sparingly, if at all, as they detract from the clean and easy-to-read look of your cover letter
  • ensure your cover letter fits on one page
  • Print your cover letter, even if you are going to upload it online, to make sure that it looks the way you want

What is the best cover letter font size?

Your cover letter font should be sufficient size to be easy to read but not so big that your cover letter does not fit on one page.  You may need to try a couple of different sizes to make sure that your cover letter is legible and fits on a single page.

For most font styles 12-point is the standard size and is easy to scan and read in different formats. Some fonts may look better at 10.5- or 11-point. To find the best size for your cover letter, try each of the standard sizes to find the most legible version.

If your cover letter includes a heading with your name and contact details you may choose to make this slightly bigger than the body text. If this creates problems with keeping your cover letter to a single page, rather bold those details. 

How to format your font and cover letter

Include sufficient white space for a clean, easy-to-scan and legible look. There needs to be space at the top of the letter and between each paragraph of your cover letter. Using bullet points is a useful way to increase legibility and to make an impact with your cover letter.

Use the right spacing for your cover letter for readability. Single, double and 1.5 spacing are the most common selections. 

The cover letter must be clearly formatted and easy to read. Long sentences and insufficient line spacing are to be avoided because they clutter the letter and make it  hard to scan and read quickly. 

How to create a cover letter that works

How to save and send your cover letter

Save your cover letter correctly. The best way to do this is to save it as a PDF file to preserve its original appearance and style.

Send it as a PDF attachment to an email message. Copying-and-pasting a cover letter into the body of your email message may corrupt the formatting and make it hard to read for the hiring manager who may well have a different computer system. When you email your cover letter in word processing format, such as a Microsoft Word file, the formatting may not transfer properly.

A good way to check if your cover letter renders correctly is to send the email with  the attachment to yourself first so you can review it before sending it to the hiring manager.

Font styles to avoid in your cover letter

Just as there are best font for cover letter styles there are some fonts you should never use for your cover letter. 

  • avoid unprofessional and novelty-type fonts such as Comic Sans which come across as childish
  • avoid heavy and bold cover letter fonts such as Impact which are hard to read and look messy
  • Fonts that try to look like type (Lucida Console) or handwriting (Script) are considered insufficiently professional or serious

What is the best font for resumes?

You can find a great article on the best resume fonts for 2023  plus loads of tips on writing a job-winning resume.

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