What To Do Straight After
a Job Interview

Immediately after a job interview you can follow a few simple guidelines to make sure you conduct your interview follow up in a professional and confident manner.

This is an essential part of the interview process and many candidates neglect to take the necessary steps after the job interview. You can set yourself apart by being the candidate that does follow up.

What To Do After a Job Interview

Set yourself apart from the competition with these simple follow up tips. Handle the next stage after the interview properly and increase your chances of job search success.

After a job interview

Take these 5 easy steps straight after your interview.

1. Get the Right Details

You need the interviewer's name, title and contact information. If you have not got the interviewer's business card at the end of the job interview you can ask the receptionist for this information on your way out.

You can also phone and get the information straight after the interview from either reception, switchboard or human resources.

You need these details to send your interview thank you letter.

Interview follow up email

Phone interview thank you email

Customize your interview follow up letter to each situation. You can select from these sample interview follow up letters.

2. Make Notes

As soon as possible make notes about the position, company and what was said in the job interview so that you don't forget any important details.

You need this information for a number of things. You will refer to it in your thank you note. You will use it when evaluating and making a decision on a possible job offer and when negotiating the employment offer.

3. Evaluate the Interview

Think about what went right and what went badly in the interview. You can use your thank you letter and follow-up to recover from any potential problem areas and to emphasize your suitability.

4. Call the Recruiter

If you are working through a recruiter you should call the recruiter immediately after the interview to give feedback. Find out what they expect you to do next.

5. Deliver or Email Documents

If the interviewer has requested any information or documents from you, make sure these are delivered as soon as possible. Your thank you letter can accompany them.

How do I know if my interview went well?

It can be tough trying to decide how your job interview went.

7 signs of a good interview

10 signs of a bad interview

How to follow up after a job interview


Interview Follow Up Guide


Interview Follow Up Email


Interview Follow Up Tips

These are critical steps to take immediately after a job interview. Within 24 hours, you should have sent off your interview thank you letter

For the sake of speed you can send a follow up email. Then comes the tough part - waiting for feedback from the company.

Use this time productively. Continue with your job search, send out your resume to other job opportunities and optimize your chances of success.

What to do straight after a job interview

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Conduct proper and professional follow up after your job interview and stand out as an excellent job candidate.

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