What are the Signs of a
Good Interview?

These are the signs of a good interview and will help you predict how your job interview went. Walking out of an interview it is often hard to judge if the interview was a success or not. These key signals will help you determine if your interview went well.

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7 Signs of a Good Interview

The interviewer's body language and communication style were positive

Did you pick up positive body language signals from the interviewer? Positive body language signs include:

  • signs of engagement such as leaning in and making good eye contact
  • paying close attention to what you are saying and not appearing distracted
  • smiling and nodding appropriately throughout the interview
  • enthusiasm evident in both voice delivery and facial expressions

Did you feel a rapport with the interviewer. Signs of a good rapport include:

  • conversation that flows naturally in both directions
  • your interaction seems more like a discussion and less like an interrogation
  • the interviewer appears relaxed and at ease
  • the interview turns into a casual and friendly conversation towards the end

However, be aware that some interviews follow a very structured format with little deviation from a set list of questions. Don't feel discouraged if the interviewer seemed to be following a script rather than having a natural discussion with you.

The length of your interview

Generally a longer interview is a good sign. Did it last the entire scheduled amount of time or did it go on for even longer than expected? Did the interviewer take his or her time with you and not appear rushed?

Did you meet all the people you were scheduled  to meet. Were you introduced to other team members? An introduction to other employees towards the end of an interview is usually an encouraging signal.

Were you given a tour of the workspace? Signs of a good interview include an interviewer who takes the time to show you around.

You were given a good amount of information about the company and the role

An interviewer who is genuinely interested in hiring you will generally take the time to discuss the company and the job in some depth, providing you with extensive and specific information about both.

Did you feel sold on the job opportunity after the interview? This can indicate that the interviewer was enthusiastic in their explanation and tried to get you excited about the job opportunity.

The interviewer went into your skills and experience in detail

A detailed investigation into your background is one of the signs of a good interview. Were you asked a good number of questions about your skills and experience? Were you asked follow-up questions to dig deeper into your answers?

Your potential future at the company was discussed

Did the interviewer ask you about your future career goals? Did the interviewer mention possible career advancement opportunities? Was the interviewer enthusiastic about personal growth opportunities in the company?

The interviewer  gave you ample opportunity to ask questions and answered them in a considered manner

Signs of a good interview include the interviewer asking you if you have any  questions and answering your questions enthusiastically and in full.

The interviewer discussed your availability, the next stage in the interview process

Did the interviewer ask you questions about future dates and notice periods?  Did the interviewer go into detail about the next steps in the hiring process?  Were you given specifics about when you would hear back from the company?

List in graphic format and text of the 7 signs of a good interview

What makes a good interview?

Although all the above signs are an encouraging signal that your job interview went well, it is important to consider the context of the interview when reading the signs of a good interview. Keep in mind the following:

The Interviewer

An inexperienced interviewer may not have the right skills to develop a rapport or ask the right questions. The interviewer's natural personality may be more reticent and reserved and this does not indicate that they are not interested in you for the position.

The Interview Format

Some companies follow a very strict interview format for the sake of consistency. This may seem like the interviewer is just going through a checklist with you and the interview is stiff and formal with little opportunity for friendly interaction.

A good interview is not an absolute guarantee that you will be offered the job. There are other applicants to consider. However it is an encouraging and positive step in your job search.

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