Sample Librarian Job Description

Librarian job description clearly articulates the main duties and skills for the librarian job.

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Although the position will vary according to the type of library where the job is based - public, academic or private - the core librarian duties remain standard.

Adapt this sample job description for your own specific use and make use of the listed librarian job search resources.


General Purpose

To provide professional research, reference and consultation services for the organization and users, to ensure efficient library operations and administration and to effectively maintain the library and its materials.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • establish and implement library policies and procedures
  • prepare and administer the budget for the library
  • allocate funds and monitor expenditure
  • determine and implement cost-effective and accurate methods for information retrieval
  • develop, organize and maintain library collections to meet the demands of specific user groups
  • coordinate print and electronic subscription requests
  • select, order and catalog relevant publications and multimedia
  • carry out cataloging and classification of all library resources
  • ensure a current and accurate inventory of library materials
  • maintain records and prepare statistical and analytical reports
  • assist users in the location of specific material and information
  • guide users regarding internet resources
  • train users in the discovery and management of information
  • respond rapidly and reliably to information requests through the use of all appropriate resources
  • conduct bibliographic searches to support user and organizational information needs
  • conduct in-depth research using both online and print resources
  • produce abstracts and reports using the research data collected
  • stay current with trends and developments by reviewing publications, attending professional events and receiving training from vendors
  • develop and maintain relationships with external bodies such as vendors and suppliers
  • promote awareness of research resources, library services and learning opportunities
  • ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations including copyright in connection with use of library materials and resources

Education and Experience

  • Masters degree in Library Science of related degree preferred
  • 3 plus years relevant experience preferred
  • in-depth knowledge of library policies, procedures and practices
  • knowledge of bibliographic management tools and technology
  • knowledge of principles and practices of library materials acquisition
  • knowledge of proper research methodology
  • expertise in using online database services and virtual  reference services
  • proficient in standard office software applications
  • knowledge of conservation and preservation techniques for library materials
  • experience in budget development and management

Key Librarian Skills

  • data collection and analysis
  • organizational and planning skills
  • detail-orientated
  • strong communication skills - written and verbal
  • problem analysis and problem solving skills
  • decision-making
  • collaborative skills
  • adaptability and flexibility
  • customer service orientation

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