Top 5 Job Search Hints

Job search hints to make the most of your job search.

Looking for a job can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Using tried and tested job search tips and techniques makes it significantly more productive.

Your job search probably includes using a variety of techniques - scrolling through job boards, going through job postings in different media and networking.

Essential Job Search Hints

Looking for the right job can take up almost all your time so it's essential to optimize each job search opportunity for the best results.

1. Use the right keywords for your online search

Using the right keywords helps a job seeker to narrow down search results to targeted job opportunities that properly match their requirements and qualifications.

  • Typical keywords you can enter into job sites include "job title" and "location".
  • However you can use the "advanced search" option to further refine your search and make it more productive.
  • Completing the criteria under the "advanced search" option will result in a more manageable and more relevant list of available jobs.
  • It is also important that you use the right keywords to avoid missing out on possible job opportunities.

It is advisable to try a variety of advanced search options and different job sites to make sure you're getting the best results. 

2. Create a professional email address

It seems basic common sense but hiring managers still complain about receiving job applications and resumes from candidates with inappropriate or weird email addresses.

  • A straightforward email address is best. If your firstname.lastname option, for example Michael.Cruz@.., is taken, try alternatives such as including your profession or location. For example, MichaelJCruz.Richmond@ .. 
  • Avoid using numbers in your email address as this can create confusion and does not look professional.

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3. Get the most out of job fairs

Job fairs are still considered an important part of looking for a job.

  • They provide you with an opportunity to meet with employers, to find out about job openings that may not be advertised and are an important networking opportunity.
  • You can keep current about job fairs in your area by setting up a Google alert to keep informed about local career and job fairs.

4. Target each application to the job opportunity

This is one of most crucial job search hints.

  • Each time you apply for a different job it is important to edit and customize your resume and cover letter to be as relevant as possible. 
  • Make sure your application contains the pertinent keywords for the job opportunity so your resume at least makes it past the applicant tracking system.

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5. Develop your skills using online learning

Build your skills set using online training opportunities.

  • Choose a reputable online learning program that will enable you to develop in-demand skills and become more marketable. This is an excellent way to jump-start your job search.
  • Employers appreciate job seekers who are motivated enough to explore and make use of learning opportunities to improve their resume.
  • Keep in mind that employers want to see that you're learning from credible and licensed platforms so look for officially sanctioned and accredited online programs. 

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