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Summary: What interview attire to choose in 2018? This current job market demands certain job interview dress choices.

Dress Code

The advice from recruitment professionals this year is to play it safe and dress conservatively and professionally for most employers.

In boom economic times wearing casual or unusual clothing to a job interview could give the impression of a free-thinking and innovative risk-taker.

But risk-taking has a bad name now and most employers are looking for committed, serious professionals who will contribute assured value to the company.

Interview Dress Tips

  • It is advisable to turn up to your interview in a plain, formal suit with a neutral shirt and an understated tie if you are a man and a moderate skirt, jacket and blouse or plain, smart pants suit if you are a woman.
  • Flamboyance and showiness belong to another time, solid and reliable are what employers are looking for today. Many department stores have reported an increase of up to 50% in the sale of white shirts - the classic and serious choice for decades.
  • Often the individuals conducting the hiring process now are older and more conservative professionals who have avoided lay offs due to their experience and the expense of laying them off. They want steadfast and trustworthy employees for the tough times ahead.
  • If you are going for a job interview where the dress code is informal (usually tech, retail and more low-level jobs), you can dress down but keep it smart. Use these suggestions for casual interview clothes to get it right.
  • Image consultants suggest that the move back to traditional work values demands conservative and traditional interview clothing. Dressing more formally and taking care of the details such as well-polished shoes, neat and tidy hair and manicured fingernails demonstrates how hard you are trying and how seriously you take the employment opportunity.

What to Wear to your Next Interview

Here are some suggestions for the right interview clothing in today's job market.

Always try and find out the company dress code before your interview, however these are good general guidelines.

For men, a charcoal gray, black or navy suit with a pale shirt in white, cream or pale blue, yellow or pink. A silk tie either in a plain color or with small polka dots, stripes or a small geometric-type pattern. Finish this off with black socks and black shoes.

interview clothing for today

For women, a matching skirt and jacket or dress and jacket or a formal pants suit. Choose plain  shoes with closed toe and moderate heel with skin-colored hosiery. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and should be understated as should make-up and hair.

Find out the right job interview dress code for the company where you are interviewing.

Avoid these interview clothing mistakes listed by hiring managers.

How to dress for an interview - everything you need to know.

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