Interview Closing Tips
and Techniques

Interview closing techniques that will help you successfully wrap up your job interview. Knowing how end the interview is key to landing that job opportunity.

Follow these simple steps to closing the interview, make use of the good sample closing statements and questions and leave behind the right impression.

5 Top Interview Closing Techniques

Your first and last impression are essential to your job interview success. Don't undo all your hard work during the interview by not closing properly.

1. Avoid coming across as aggressive

Closing the job interview with questions like "When can I start?" is too aggressive. It can also be interpreted as being arrogant. This can put the interviewer off as they feel cornered by you!

Rather use these sample closing the interview statements to help you build your own personal closing.

2. Avoid asking about money

This is an important job interview closing tip.

Bringing up salary at the end of the interview can send the message that you are more interested in the money than the position or company itself.

If the interviewer has not asked about your salary requirements it is best to leave this until the next stage in the hiring process.

Most job postings provide a guide to the salary for the position. This is sufficient at first interview stage. These sample answers to the salary interview question provide practical help on how to handle the salary question in your interview.

3. Be aware of your body language

The interviewer will be watching you as you leave the job interview. Make sure your posture is confident and your face retains a relaxed pleasant expression.

Avoid sighing, slumping your shoulders, looking worried or unhappy.This will be the last picture the interviewer has of you.

Text explanation of how to exit the interview with picture of businessman leaving

These interview body language tips will help you send the right message.

4. Ask for the interviewer's business card

Getting the interviewer's card will ensure that you have the correct details to follow up on the interview when you write your interview thank you letter.

If you have a business card leave it with the interviewer. It offers an easy way to get hold of you and provides a reminder of who you are. 

5. Keep positive

Don't get discouraged if the interviewer does not make an offer at this point or set up a second interview. Often there is a specific process that needs to be followed before this can happen, such as consulting with other people or conducting job interviews with other candidates.

Make sure your body language and verbal communication remains positive till you leave the company

On your way out remember to thank the receptionist and anyone else in the company who assisted you.

As soon as possible after your job interview, write down the key aspects of the interview that you can refer to in your follow up letter.

Follow up with your recruiter, make a note of when you can call the company to check on the status of the hiring decision.


Interview Closing  Techniques


Interview Closing Statements


Straight After the Interview

What should you say at the end of an interview?

What you say at the end of an interview should cover the following key points:

  • confirm your enthusiasm for the job
  • highlight your suitability for the job
  • ensure you have addressed any possible concerns the interviewer may have
  • state your appreciation for the information you have been given
  • express your gratitude for the interviewer's time and consideration
  • find out what happens next in the hiring process

These examples of closing statements for interviews can be easily adapted for your own use.

Sample Interview Closing Statements

What is the best way to close an interview?

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