The Future Job Market

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Job market research shows growth in some industries and sectors and decline in others.

Where will the jobs of tomorrow be? Know the critical skills you will need to be employable and find a good job in the future. Make informed career and job decisions based on reliable career job market research and information.

What career paths should young people be looking at? Where will the jobs be over the next decade?

This job market research makes interesting reading and provides direction for future job seekers.

What skills will be in demand in the future job market?

According to research conducted by the Manpower Group this is what employers globally consider the 5 jobs most difficult to fill:

  1. Skilled trade jobs including plumbers and electricians. This is due to the continuing focus on university education as opposed to trade or technical programs.
  2. Engineering jobs - mechanical, electrical and civil engineers are in short supply and high demand.
  3. Sales representatives - there is a shortage of experienced sales people who can effectively contribute to an organization's revenue growth.
  4. Technicians - new technology trends present a challenge for companies as they try to find current IT skills to manage them.
  5. Accounting staff - competent accounting staff are in high demand globally

The top jobs for 2018 and beyond

This list, compiled from research conducted by CareerBuilder and EMSI, identifies the 3 careers and jobs that are experiencing the most growth in employment opportunities.

  1. Software developer - this occupation has produced the most jobs since the recession. Typically this job requires a bachelor's degree in computer science.
  2. Research and marketing specialists - these employees provide data on market conditions and product potential. The job demands solid math and analytical skills and usually a relevant bachelors degree.

3. Training and development specialists - these employees develop the talent companies need to meet their skills gaps.

What jobs are most in demand right now?

Research conducted on 70 million job postings came up with the following 5 most in-demand jobs during the last few years.

  1. Laborers  - this includes most manual labor jobs that fall outside the construction industry. They are some of the most common job in the US and globally.
  2. Accountants - A high-demand occupation with an above-average pay scale.
  3. Software Engineer - well-paid, growing and in-demand globally.
  4. Occupational Therapist - although a relatively small job category, this is a fast growing career field as our elderly population continues to increase.
  5. General Managers - leadership and organizational management skills are in high demand.

Choose a career where you are likely to find a job. Conduct your own research in your area to find out which jobs local employers are advertising. Try and update your skills to meet the requirements for these jobs.

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