Which Example of Weaknesses Applies to You?

Find the example of weaknesses that you can effectively use to answer interview questions about your greatest weaknesses.

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We help you identify the appropriate weakness and provide examples of  how to confidently discuss your weakness in the interview. Select one or two weaknesses from this list of 5 common workplace weaknesses.

The key to successfully handling the weakness question in an interview is to identify the weakness, explain what this looks like in the workplace and then, most importantly, what steps you are taking to minimize the impact of the weakness and improve.

Example of Weaknesses in the Workplace

Reluctance to Delegate

What this looks like in the workplace:

  • Unwilling to give tasks to others and make full use of co-workers
  • Reluctant to hand over responsibility to others
  • Can result in under-utilizing other's skills and taking on too much of the workload oneself

Good sample interview answer:

Reluctant to delegate sample weaknesses interview answer text

Lack of assertiveness

What this looks like in the workplace:

  • Unwilling to speak up and contribute ideas and thoughts in a group situation or to a supervisor
  • Finding it hard to say "no"
  • May be taken advantage of at work by putting other's needs ahead of one's own needs
Lack of assertiveness sample weaknesses interview answer text

Lacks patience

What this looks like in the workplace:

  • Wants tasks completed quickly and efficiently in line with own standards
  • Frustrated with slower workers or under-performing colleagues
  • May be too critical of other's contributions and work
Impatience sample weaknesses interview answer text

Reluctant to ask for help or support

What this looks like in the workplace:

  • Finds it difficult to ask for assistance with tasks and assignments
  • Takes on tasks without having the necessary resources to complete them efficiently

Having a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently is positive but it is important to be able to ask for help when necessary in order to optimize your efficiency.

Reluctant to ask for help sample weaknesses interview answer text

Technical Skills

This example of weaknesses relates to hard skills - experience and expertise - rather than soft skills or characteristics and behaviors. They are technical competencies that the candidate would like to improve on. Common areas for development in the workplace include:

  • people management skills
  • project management skills
  • data management skills
  • data analytical skills
  • computer skills

Select a hard skill that is not a key requirement of the job you are interviewing for. Discuss why you want to develop the skill looking ahead in your career and any action you have taken with regard to skill development.

Lack of experience in certain areas sample weaknesses interview answer text

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