Telephone Reference Check

Standard telephone reference check questions. Up to 35 percent of all job candidates exaggerate or falsify their qualifications and work experience.

Using this previous employment background check as part of the initial screening process provides protection against wasting time on unsuitable applicants.

Practical and easy-to-use, this basic reference check will provide valid  information to help you with your hiring decision. It can be used to clarify the candidate's actual work experience and whether he or she is able to perform the job.

Basic Telephone Reference Check Form


Candidate name:
Position Applying For:

Name of Reference:
Job Title:
Contact Number:

  1. What was the applicant's job title?
  2. Period of employment?
  3. Reason for leaving?
  4. Main duties and responsibilities?
  5. Overall rating of work performance?
  6. Applicant's strengths and weaknesses?
  7. Describe applicant's honesty and reliability
  8. Describe applicant's working relationships with supervisors and co-workers
  9. Hypothetically, would you re-employ the applicant?
  10. Is there anything else you would like to add about this

Reference done by:

For a more detailed reference check form...

This is a basic reference check that can be used as an initial screening tool to assess a candidate's suitability. You may want to carry out a more comprehensive and detailed telephone reference check

This employment check includes over 30 reference check questions to choose from, these provide a more intensive screening of the job candidate.

Once you have conducted an initial screening and want more information on the job candidate it is advisable to do a thorough reference check that evaluates the candidate's behavioral competencies as they relate to the position in addition to technical skills and experience.

Standard Reference Check Questions

What duties, responsibilities and skills should be checked?

Over 70 detailed free job descriptions identify the job task and competency requirements for different jobs. Use these to select the reference check questions to use.

12 Core Competencies

Job Skills List

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