Collaboration Interview Questions and Answers

Top collaboration interview questions and answers that get you hired. Collaboration and teamwork skills are often integral to successful job performance and are ranked in the top 5 skills employers look for in job candidates.

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Interview questions about collaboration provide valuable insight into how a candidate works with others to achieve a desired outcome. These interview questions evaluate critical collaborative skills including:

  • communication
  • accountability
  • influence
  • conflict management
  • empathy and respect
  • problem-solving
  • organization and planning
  • decision-making

General collaboration interview questions and answers

Prepare for these common interview questions about teamwork and collaboration.

1. How do you define collaboration in the workplace?

Collaboration involves two or more people sharing their skills, knowledge, ideas and perspectives with the purpose of achieving a common objective.

Go on to describe the value of collaboration in the workplace:

“Collaboration facilitates the blending of different expertise, perspectives and ideas to improve problem-solving, innovation and decision-making and typically results in an increase in workplace positivity, efficiency and productivity." 

2. In your opinion, what are the qualities of an effective team?

Employers want to know what you understand by collaboration and what you consider the criteria for successful teamwork.

Core qualities of an effective team or collaboration include:

  • clear and open communication
  • mutual respect and understanding
  • a willingness to contribute to common goals
  • clearly defined roles
  • accountable, reliable and dependable team members resulting in high levels of trust
  • a learning mentality

Example answer: “Regardless of the workplace, I believe that effective teams demonstrate several common core characteristics. These include clear and open communication, trust and respect, a solutions-focused and results-driven attitude, mutual accountability, a sense of belonging and a shared sense of purpose together with a willingness to contribute towards a common goal."

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3. What do you consider the most critical skills for effective collaboration and teamwork?

Collaboration interview questions and answers about skills needed to promote collaboration and teamwork in the workplace should include these key skills:

  • communication skills are the foundation of successful collaboration. Open, clear and honest communication promotes understanding and productivity
  • accountability and responsibility promote trust
  • empathy and respect promote tolerance, diffuse conflict and encourage a feeling of belonging with a commitment to a shared purpose
  • organizational skills increase the productivity and efficiency of a team by enabling clearly defined roles, efficient coordination and completion of the workload
  • the ability to adapt to changing or unexpected circumstances and demands
  • problem-solving skills are important to deal with challenges and make sound decisions
  • critical thinking skills that enable accurate analysis of situations based on available data and resources
  • Conflict resolution skills are important as conflict is inevitable in a collaborative workspace. Proper conflict resolution skills help to keep the collaboration and team on track

4. How do you ensure effective communication for successful collaboration?

This collaboration interview question is designed to give employers insight into how you communicate with others when working together on a common goal.  Effective communication that leads to successful collaborative outcomes involves these steps:

  • active listening
  • open and transparent sharing of information and ideas
  • considering diverse perspectives
  • respecting all opinions
  • responding appropriately
  • encouraging two-way feedback
  • resolving conflict quickly

Collaboration behavioral interview questions

In answering collaboration behavioral interview questions provide recent examples of positive team experiences. Discuss past collaborative projects and tasks that were effective and highlight what you contributed to the successful outcome. Describe those critical teamwork skills that you demonstrated.

Use the STAR interview response technique when answering behavioral interview questions about collaboration and teamwork.

Tell me about a time when you worked closely with colleagues to achieve a specific goal. How did you ensure a successful outcome?

In order to optimize the success of the collaboration it is important to focus on these criteria in your interview answer:

  • have a clearly defined goal
  • understand exactly what is required and expected from each individual in achieving the goal
  • maintain clear and open communication
  • acknowledge different perspectives
  • efficiently plan and organize tasks
  • effectively utilize available resources
  • balance competing work demands
  • ensure mutual accountability to build trust
  • fully commit to the shared purpose

Tell me about a time when you experienced a disagreement or conflict with a teammate What steps did you take and what was the result?

These type of collaboration interview questions and answers are designed to evaluate your ability to work through disagreements and solve conflict issues as part of a team.

In your interview answer highlight the following:

  • clear communication to clarify the issue including active listening and effective questioning
  • responding with empathy and understanding the other person's perspective
  • clarifying expectations 
  • knowing when to compromise
  • focusing on the shared goal
  • discussing possible solutions
  • agreeing and committing to a way forward

Tell me about a time when you had to adjust your approach to meet a colleague's or team member's specific needs.

The ability to adapt to other people's needs is an important part of the success of any collaboration or team.  In your interview answer focus on the following :

  • being mindful of and receptive to different needs within the team or collaboration
  • recognizing promptly the need to adjust your approach
  • adjusting your communication style accordingly
  • adjusting your working style accordingly
  • displaying flexibility and a willingness to adapt your behavior, strategy and approach to meet different needs and demands

Good communication skills interview questions and answers

Tell me about a time when you used your persuasive ability and influence to gain support for an idea from your team.

Collaboration interview questions and answers about the ability to influence others should focus on how the candidate selects the right communication style and approach for the situation and the team.

In your interview answer focus on identifying the needs of the team and project through:

  • active listening and questioning
  • understanding different perspectives
  • finding common ground
  • verbalizing and gaining agreement on the needs

Next highlight how you were able to persuade the team that your idea would help meet these needs by:

  • communicating your idea in a calm and confident manner
  • using logic and reasoning to establish the credibility of your idea
  • handling any objections
  • gaining commitment to your idea

Influence is a key collaborative skill that can significantly contribute to the success of a team. Collaboration interview questions like this assess a candidate's willingness to go beyond just doing what is expected of them by actively taking steps towards improving the output of the team and evaluate the candidate's ability to guide, inspire, and motivate others.

List of collaboration behavioral interview questions

Tell me about a tough problem that you recently encountered while collaborating on a project. Describe how you handled it.

Describe a situation when you had to set aside your own priorities to accommodate the team.

Tell me about a time your team failed to reach a goal? What went wrong and how did you handle it?

Walk me through  a team decision you were involved in recently.

Tell me about one of the toughest collaborations you have been involved in . What made it difficult and how did you handle it?

Describe a situation in which you were able to help out a colleague or team member.

Cross functional collaboration interview questions

Cross-functional collaboration involves employees from different departments or teams working together on over-lapping projects.

The value of cross functional collaboration lies in the effective blending of different skills, perspectives, expertise and ideas to achieve successful outcomes. These cross-functional collaboration interview questions evaluate those skills needed for effective collaboration across diverse teams and departments.

Tell me about a time you had to develop an effective working relationship with someone outside your department to complete an important project.

Tell me about a time you had to adapt your working style to accommodate working with  diverse teams.

Describe a recent challenge you faced when operating in a cross-functional team. How did you handle it?

Tell me about a time your input significantly impacted on the work of a different team or department.

Tell me about a time you had to deal with conflict between your team and another department.

Describe a recent project when you had to manage the expectations of multiple stakeholders. What steps did you take?

How have you ensured effective communication and information sharing between different departments when working on a cross-functional project?

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