Babysitter Job Description

Babysitter job description that outlines the duties, responsibilities and skill requirements for this job.

Babysitters take full responsibility for children while their parents are absent and the job involves a high level of trust. It is important to clarify exactly what is expected of a babysitter or child minder by communicating a clear and concise babysitter job description.


General Purpose

Take responsibility for the health and welfare of children in their parent's absence. Responsible for guiding, teaching, supervising and carrying out activities with the children in his or her care.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

These babysitter duties refer to a babysitter job at a hotel, resort, gym, company, community center or similar environment.

  • observe, monitor and supervise children closely and consistently
  • maintain a safe and organized play area free from potential hazards
  • ensure the play equipment, facilities, games and toys are well sanitized, clean and in correct working order
  • oversee proper utilization of equipment and facilities by the children
  • create daily activity plans that are age-appropriate and engaging
  • participate in learning activities with the children including reading, art and crafts, music and singing
  • encourage participation by all children in activities
  • model the correct behavior and attitude to the children through language and actions
  • responsible for the clean up and maintenance of toys and materials
  • educate children on the importance of good personal hygiene habits including washing hands and using the toilet
  • ensure children receive their medications as directed
  • change diapers as necessary
  • prepare and clean bottles for feeding as instructed
  • dress children as necessary
  • assist children with their snacks, drinks and meals
  • discipline poor behavior and focus on encouraging good behavior
  • keep up-to-date records for each child including details about behavior, activities, meals and medication
  • complete administrative duties including signing children in and out and recording their details and any special needs
  • communicate all details with parents including any issues or concerns about the child in a timely manner
  • comply with and uphold all health, safety and security regulations and procedures
  • respond promptly and appropriately to difficult or emergency situations

A family or private babysitter within a home setting may also be responsible for the following duties.

  • drive children to and from school and activities
  • assist children with homework and projects
  • engage children with fun activities including games, sports, art and crafts
  • prepare and supervise meals and snacks
  • bath and dress children
  • put children to bed according to a set routine
  • undertake laundry, chores and light household duties

Nanny Job Description

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • valid driver's license and clean driving record
  • some understanding of child development

Physical Demands

Able to perform physical activities including:

  • climbing
  • balancing
  • stooping
  • kneeling and crouching
  • crawling
  • lifting and carrying
  • reaching, pushing and pulling

What skills are needed for babysitting?

These are the in-demand skills for babysitters.

  • resourceful
  • energetic
  • patient and empathetic
  • strong sense of responsibility
  • organizational skills
  • communication skills - active listening, understanding and clarifying instructions, clear verbal communication with children, parents and coworkers and able to record details accurately
  • reliable
  • flexible and adaptable
  • able to handle a fast-paced environment with constantly changing demands

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Background Checks for Babysitters

The high level of trust involved in the babysitter job means that employers usually conduct background checks on babysitter job candidates.

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Employment References

Character References

Nanny Duties and Responsibilities

This nanny job description clearly and completely outlines the duties and responsibilities for a nanny position.

Can I use this babysitter  job description for my resume?

Carefully read the job posting for the babysitter position and take note of the experience and skills asked for. Make sure your babysitter resume clearly highlights these. The babysitter job description above is an excellent resource to use to ensure you have covered all the necessary information in your resume.

This well written and professional nanny resume will help you develop an impressive babysitter resume.

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