Best Group Interview Tips

These winning group interview tips will get you noticed in the group as the right candidate for the job. Use this practical help to make sure your performance during the interview creates the right impression.

We know what the interviewers are looking for during the group interview. They will evaluate your ability to interact and communicate successfully with others in the group.

They will assess the contribution you make to the group. They will look at your ability to influence the group and how the group reacts to you.

The interviewers will use their observations to answer these key questions:

What first impression do you make?

Remember you are being observed and evaluated from the moment you enter the company. Be polite and professional to the receptionist and everyone you meet after that. Look people in the eye, shake hands firmly and speak in a clear voice. 

Usually the first activity is to tell the group about yourself. Stand up confidently and maintain eye contact with the different group members while you give a concise summary of your interests and achievements.

Prepare well for this introduction before your group interview. Briefly summarize your strengths and skills. Highlight an interest or passion that is specific to you. State your personal career goals.

They are likely to ask you "What do you know about this company" Do your research before the interview and have current information about the company.

Prepare a short but informative summary of the company including its size and structure, the types of products and services it offers, its customers, its market position, the company culture including mission and values and the latest developments and news about the company.

How do you communicate with the rest of the group?

Express your thoughts in a clear and direct way. Speak up but do so with respect for others. Make your points in a constructive manner. Listen actively. Understand the message being communicated by asking questions.

Take time to consider ideas and thoughts from others in the group before responding. Establish rapport with group members by finding what you have in common and communicating in a similar style.

Are you able to influence the other group members?

This does not mean talking over other group members or trying to coerce them into your way of thinking. It does mean using persuasive communication to bring others around to your point of view. Use facts and data to support your viewpoint and the direction you want the group to take.

What do you contribute to the group?

Group interviewers will evaluate your ability to plan and organize the information you are given in order to problem-solve and reach a sound decision.

They will observe the steps you take to reach the decision. How do you gather and analyze information and come up with workable solutions?

How do you react to feedback?

Group Feedback

Consider your ability to receive feedback without reacting defensively. It is important that you view feedback as an opportunity to improve and encourage it. When you give feedback make sure it is done in a respectful and supportive manner.

Be specific in your feedback. Particularly important group interview tips concern your treatment of others with courtesy and concern throughout the group process.


Job candidates do not succeeded in making themselves look superior by trying to make other group members look inferior. It only serves to make the candidate appear unprofessional.

Are you a team player?

Actions that make you an effective team player include doing your fair share of the work assignment, participating actively, being willing to share and receive information and knowledge and cooperating with others to achieve the team goal.

It involves working together and helping others to get the job done. Group interview tips include readily offering your help and support to other group members.

Group Interview Technique

They will also look at your ability to manage stress and to maintain performance in the face of obstacles. Stay calm and focused throughout the process.

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