Preparing for an Interview
Find Out about the Employer

Preparing for an interview begins with gathering company information.

Having extensive and valid information about the employer gives you a competitive edge over the other job candidates. If you want to go beyond the usual sources to conduct your company research a good place to start is your local library.

The information you find in the library will be an impressive addition to the details all the other candidates have taken off the internet. Take a closer look at the company with these resources.

Your local library

Use these resources in your public library to get great information on the employer for your job interview preparation:

  • Business directories such as Dun & Bradstreet
  • A business periodical index will provide a list of articles published on the company
  • State and local business directories, manufacturing and service directories, and specialized directories you can use when preparing for an interview. Consult the library catalog or ask the Librarian for help in finding a directory for your company.
  • Annual financial reports and local company newsletters
To find out where your local library is go to this site It gives a directory with addresses and phone numbers for all public libraries in each state.

Visit the company

Another resource for company information is the company itself. 

  • Visit the company beforehand and ask the receptionist to provide you with company brochures, in-house magazines or newspapers and reports.
  • These are often to be found in the reception area and if you are not able to take them with you, there is nothing to stop you spending some time sitting there, reading and taking notes.
  • This will also give you a feel for things like dress code and company culture. Spend time talking to the receptionist, it's a good opportunity to pick up valuable information on the company.

Preparing for an Interview

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The Company Information You Need

Interview preparation starts with your company research. This information is key to developing excellent and relevant answers to common job interview questions

It enables you to prepare insightful interview questions to ask in your interview.

It is also essential at the end of your job search when you need to make a decision on accepting a job offer

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